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What makes us different

Whatever the profession, it is no longer information – now available everywhere – which is useful, but the meaning we are able to give it.
Headhunting is no exception and its usefulness is no longer based on access to applicants, who are visible to everyone.
We set ourselves apart by our ability to offer uncompromising and personalised advice, to challenge our clients, and to analyse the market with genuine specialist knowledge.
You will find that we have convictions and speak to you as an equal.
Our added value also lies in our persuasiveness and our sufficient credibility to make an unconvincing applicant a successful one.
This is the result of in-depth work which today enables us to lead a community of applicants who trust us.
And it's thanks to this connection, forged day after day, that our applicants really listen when we call them with a job opportunity.

Our team

Jessica Berge Consultante Senior
Jessica Berge Baroudeuse, badiste & bec Fin
Olivier Beuchet Consultant
Olivier Beuchet Touche pas au grisbi, Cloclo
Natacha Bouchaala Consultante senior
Natacha Bouchaala Work hard, play hard
Audrey Déléris Manager
Audrey Déléris Harder better faster stronger
Ian De Bondt Directeur associé
Ian De Bondt Il court, il court
Alice De Moratti Consultante
Alice De Moratti Sudiste de coeur
Ahlem El Hajri Manager
Ahlem El Hajri Celle qui adore Friends. Et le Scrabble. Et Friends.
Soufiane El Majdoubi Consultant
Soufiane El Majdoubi Jeu, set et match
Yasmine Habchi Manager
Yasmine Habchi Shoe-kale addict
Nebrass​ Mahdaoui Consultant
Nebrass​ Mahdaoui Bicycle rider & movie quoter
Majdeline Salhi Consultante senior
Majdeline Salhi Féministe et sweats/sweets addict

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